Our Little Garden

 As an attempt to show you how to live cheap and green, Kate and I have started a garden on my second story balcony.  Not everyone has a big yard to grow produce.  We aim to show you that you can grow organic, fresh produce, at a reasonable price with little or no land.

In my 20’s (not to date myself) I was the frozen food type. Pizza’s, TV dinners, Macaroni & cheese, were the basis of my diet.  But over the last few years I found that making my lunch or dinner from scratch is not only satisfying, but a lot cheaper than readymade food. I once spent $60 to make chili for a cook-off, which I won a $25 bar tab for.  It felt good to win, but was it worth it?  My challenge to myself is, can I make a chili with everything but the meat from my garden. 

This is my first attempt at growing produce and I’m very excited to do so.  Kate knows more about how to do it than I and she has been helping me on how to get started.  We are currently growing tomatoes, hot peppars, beans, cucumbers, and a few herbs.  This is just the start. 

For the most part, we are using left over containers (with the exception of the Topsy Turvys, which you can use a burlap sack).  Also, we bought seedlings, instead of planting our own seeds. 

This is the beginning of one of our practical projects that we will be talking about; to help anyone that is interested in living cheap and green.


One Response to “Our Little Garden”

  1. Yes. . .We only bought the topsy turvys because I am a sucker for packaging, and something about those hidious green bags just called to me. . .plus I got them on sale. You can make your own easily. There are tons of sites online that can show you how to do this, one of which is made out of a gallon jug. I’ve also seen them made with two liter bottles, reusable shopping bags, and 5 gallon pails. So you don’t actually need to fork out the dough for the beautifully ugly green bags.

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