Elvi the super piggie

Elvi the super piggie

Originally uploaded by Saskat1099

This is Elvi, short for Elvira. She is the the best pet ever, and is probably why Scott is so excited about my balcony garden idea (he’ll blog about the garden later). He is having two window boxes dedicated to growing guinea pig food. She is one pampered little rodent, but she sure is lovable. So now you all know who we’re talking about when we blog about Elvi (which I’m sure will come up in Scott’s blogs a lot). She is super fantastic, and makes a better pet than one might think. However she is not very supportive of our living cheap life style as she always thinks she’s hungry and prefers the expensive lettuce. Good thing she’s so cute. . .


3 Responses to “Elvi the super piggie”

  1. scottski74 Says:

    Elvira is her real name Kate and yes she is a super piggy! Squeak, squeak! She just jumped over her food dish!

  2. I said “short for Elvira”. . .put on your reading glasses.

  3. scottski74 Says:

    Your right…. I’m sorry.

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