Under Your Sink

My final speech in oral com was on going green. The thing that stood out to me the most was the chemicals that we keep under our kitchen sink. Most of these products are toxic and we keep them in our house, close to our food. In my research, I have found some simple “recipes” that are nontoxic and you might already have them in your kitchen. Give one a try, you might be surprised.

Drain De-Clogger: Drano and other de-cloggers can be among the most harmful products under your sink, and are also some of the most expensive. Go green by de-clogging your sink with old-fashioned baking soda and vinegar. Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain and add vinegar; you’ll get the same drain clearing results without all the harmful toxins.

Glass cleaners: Most glass cleaners contain ammonia and surfactants that contribute to asthma. Do what your grandma did and mix vinegar and water. You can even add some lemon juice to give it a better smell.

Air fresheners: There are more eco- friendly of these products out there now, but some still contain toxic phthalates. I haven’t tried this myself (I like a good candle!), but I heard if you mix essential oils with charcoal (not the Matchlite kind!) and distilled water and put that in a spray bottle you will get the desired result. If anyone tries this please let me know how it works.


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