More on Gardening

Food is such a basic need.  Really, you can’t live without it.  So why does such a large percentage of people rely on someone else to provide it for them?  I’m very guilty of this too, but I really think it’s time to become more self-sufficient.  Scott touched on this before, but I would like to go a little more in depth. . .really drive the point home.  Gardening is something almost anyone can do.  You don’t need a yard or a huge plot of land.  You can use a porch, a balcony, a fire escape, a stoop, or even a window.  Perhaps you have a friend with a garden that would let you plant one row, work something out.  Container gardening is a great solution for those of us without any actual land to work with.  Big fancy containers are not necessary, just look at the fashionable planters we are using.  An old Rubbermaid storage bin and some five gallon pails are home to our beans, cucumbers, and bell peppers.  The Rubbermaid tote is also supporting the shepard’s hook (that I bought at Goodwill) that is holding the Topsy Turvys with our tomatoes and hot peppers.I really didn’t need to buy the Topsy Turvys, I could have gotten my backside in gear and made one myself.  I found a metal stand at a rummage sale that Scott is now making his herb garden.  I also found some hanging window box stand on sale that will hang right over the edge of the balcony and hold any standard rectangle planter.  We are planning on growing lettuce for Elvi and me in these.  Heck, you can grow plants right out of a bag of potting soil if you want to be really lazy about it.  Although we of course can’t grow all of our food this way, we will be able to enjoy a lot of fresh produce that we grew ourselves when it comes time to harvest.  What produce we can’t grow, we can purchase  from local farmers markets and roadside stands.  That way we are also supporting local economy!  Yay us.  Did I mention that we will also be saving some money by not buying produce at chain grocery stores?  Have you checked out the prices lately? Yikes.  One more plus is that when we are growing our own food, we know exactly what it has been exposed to, sprayed with, fertilized with, and so on.  When we buy food from a grocery store, we really have no idea what or how many chemicals we may be ingesting.  So what is the downside? Well, it’s a little extra work, but I truly believe the end results are well worth it.  Please share any container gardening tips and tricks with us!

Happy Gardening!


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