Exercise and Fun

Disc Golf is a sport that has been growing at a steady rate for a long time. I first started playing when I was 16 and there was only one course within 20 miles of my hometown. My friends and I could drive out to the park and get play 18 holes in about 45 minutes, with maybe half a dozen other groups out there at anytime. In the last twenty years, this sport has really caught on with the young and old. In our area, there are now 6 courses in within 10 miles. The speed of a game has slowed down to about an hour and 15 minutes because of the amount of people who play now, though it takes nothing from the game. Leagues have sprouted up for the more serious players and from what I hear the pros can make some pretty good money. But the real reason to play is that it is great exercise and you can play for free, since most courses are in public parks.
All you need to get started is a disc. The discs are a lot like a Frisbee, but with a thinner lip. You can find a disc at most used sporting stores, both new and used. Don’t let the huge selection of discs discourage you. I would recommend getting a basic “driver”; if you are going used; just make sure it doesn’t have too many dings in it. After that, you’re ready to hit the course!
The rules of the game are just like regular golf; you want to get your disc into the basket with the least amount of throws or “strokes”. Each hole has a set par (the average number of strokes) to help you with scoring. If it took you 5 throws to make it in the basket on a par 4, you shot 1 over (it is easier to count this way instead of the total strokes for the whole course). If you really don’t want to keep score, that’s fine! When I first started it didn’t matter to me what I shot, it was just good to get out and play.
I should also point out that some courses are more difficult than others. Open area courses, ones without a lot of trees, are great for beginners. But beyond that, just get out and give it a try! Everyone that I know that has played this game love it and still do it to this day!


One Response to “Exercise and Fun”

  1. We took the kiddo out with us today (he’s almost 5) and he really liked it. . .even if he did just pick up the disc and walk with it a bunch, and continue to tell everyone he saw that he was doing better than his mom. Free and entertaining for the ankle biters, what could be better than that??

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