Goodbye Fast Food, My Old Friend. . .

Millions of people every day eat fast food, sometimes for more than one meal. . .sometimes for all three meals.  Throwing hard earned money away for an expensive “combo” that is clogging our arteries, making us fatter, and pumping us full with only God knows what kinds of chemicals and hormones.  Seriously, really think about it, its pretty gross.  No more fast food for me. . .not even fast food salads (which aren’t really that tasty anyway).  We all know how bad fast food is for us. . .really, by now there is no excuse  not to.  It also creates a ton of unnecessary waste that just ends up in the landfills.  I am committing myself to eating no more fast food for these reasons, but also because it is a HUGE waste of money.  Seriously for the cost of buying a fast food meal for Scott, the kiddo, and I, we could go to the grocery store and buy food for several meals that would all be more nutritious and taste a million times better.  Like the kiddo really needs one more crappy happy meal toy.  No more throwing away money at a mediocre-at-best meal, and a silly plastic toy.  I mean it.  Its not going to be the easiest thing ever to give up, it is convenient, easy, and fast in a pinch. . . but it will be well worth it in the end.  With a little planning ahead and being prepared for long days not at home I know I can do it.

One more little step to a cleaner, greener, and less costly life.


One Response to “Goodbye Fast Food, My Old Friend. . .”

  1. I stopped eating Fast Food and not only did I notice that I felt better (not as bloated, etc) but also the money really did add up like you mention! I never ate it regularly – maybe once or twice a month out of convenience but that money really can be better applied elsewhere and buys many more things at the food shop! This is a great challenge for yourself and will really teach your child great habits from the get go about food consumption!

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