The Plastic Bottle Problem

I drink a lot of soda!  It’s probably something that I should cut from my lifestyle, but first things first.  If you buy sodas or water or even juice in those individual bottles and recycle, there is more you need to look at.  As Americans we throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles per day.  Even if you recycle, it takes oil and other chemicals to make a new bottle; they can’t make new bottles from recycled plastic.  Also, the cost of buying refreshments that way is not economical.  Like most things the smaller the package, the more you pay.

So what can we do?  Well, for soda I have a couple suggestions to limit the amount of plastic we go through.  Aluminum cans would be my first choice.  They recycle well, plus you can get some money back if you go to the right places.  Otherwise go with a two liter bottle and you can cut the waste in half.  If you are industrious, you can build yourself a soda fountain.  With a tank of CO2, a compressor, and a soda gun that you could get from any bar supplies store, you can have your own mini-bar! I’m sure you will make your money back in a year or two, buying in bulk instead of individual bottle.

I hate to say it but the water drinkers are the worst in this department.  I’m not sure on the numbers (I’m sure there are more soda bottles than water), but there is really no need for bottled water.  Water from the tap has fluorides that are good for teeth and bones, and it’s free!  If you don’t think your water is safe to drink you can always get a filter.  I will try to get some info soon on how to make your own filter (I know charcoal has something to do with it).  Get an Eco-Friendly container and you are ready to go straight from the tap.

My goal is to stay away from those individual bottles.  I plan to buy two-liters for home from now on and when I’m at school I will stick to the fountain drinks.  I never really got into the bottle water gig, but I do want to try to drink more water (I think my teeth could use a break).  I have an old milk jug in my fridge for water and I will try to start filling up on of my portable containers in the morning and taking that with me.

So please take a look at what you can do to help reduce this problem!  Read Kate’s take on the situation here.


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