Kate’s Take on the Plastic Bottle Situation

After reading Scott’s post on soda and water in plastic bottles I just had to put my own two cents in.  First of all Scott is absolutely right.  Buying individual bottles of soda, water, or juice is ridiculously expensive.  HUGE waste of money.  For example, at the local convenience store near me a 20 oz bottle of Diet Pepsi (yes, I’m a soda drinker too, baby steps people) cost $1.39 and a 2 Liter bottle of Diet Pepsi cost $1.17.  So as in most situations, buying in bulk saves you money.  I was under the impression that it was better for us and the environment if we drank out of aluminum.  However now I’ve been hearing that the plastic lining in aluminum cans and aluminum bottles may also contain the evil BPA that can leach into our beverages.  SIGG‘s plastic lining in their popular aluminum bottles appears to be safe.  I have a plastic water bottle that claims to be BPA free made by Thermos. I love it, it is the most functional water bottle I have ever owned.  No unscrewing, or pulling up anything, I simply push the little white button with my thumb.  One handed water bottle!!  Unfortunately it is made from plastic, which we all know takes more resources to create, but I already have it so it would be incredibly wasteful to throw it away.  I wish I would have heard about Kleen Kanteen before I purchased my mean green water bottle.  Kleen Kanteen is made from stainless steel, and has no plastic lining.   (Don’t tell him, but my little one is getting a Kleen Kanteen as part of his birthday present.) So far drinking out of stainless steel has yet to be discovered as something that  gives us cancer, or Alzheimer’s, or any other horrible disease. . .but hey, its early.  So what will I drink my water out of?  Instead of throwing away this perfectly good and supposedly BPA free.  I will continue to use this bottle until it wears out, then I will find a more Eco-friendly option.  Know what the best thing to drink out of is??? Glass.  You can even find cute glass bottles to carry around with you.  Honestly I don’t think I would trust my self with glass, but those of you who aren’t complete clutzes go for it.  As for drinking soda, I am trying to stop completely, but until I can actually quit completely, I will buy it in cans.  They are easier to recycle, better for the earth, and only possibly giving me Alzheimer’s.  One of my future changes to make will be to eliminate soda from my life, I just need to cut down before I take the plunge.  Today I am committing to no longer buying water, soda, or juice in plastic bottles! I can buy juice in glass, and until I can completely kick the habit, I will drink soda from aluminum cans.  As for all the Nalgene bottle I have collected over the years, you know. . . the BPA ones (I have 6), I have filled most of them most of the way up with water and froze them.  They are now reusable ice for my cooler.  Another is going to become a waterproof first aid kit for camping.  There are lots of other ideas to repurpose these old bottles, I really want to make one of those lanterns. . .   What did you do with all of your BPA bottles?

Update: My little one is now getting a Green Bottle for his birthday, as I couldn’t find a Kleen Kanteen in any of the little shops around here (I didn’t really want to order it online and pay shipping).  It is also all stainless steel and of course BPA free.


One Response to “Kate’s Take on the Plastic Bottle Situation”

  1. Michelle Says:

    i have a sigg bottle that i ordered about a year ago, and i use it every day…it’s well worth the $25! mine has gotten a little banged up over the past year, but that just gives it character!

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