Scott’s Rant Part 1

Is it really that hard for some people to understand that we need to change our thinking on the way we do things.  I know there are pessimists out there that think all this going green stuff doesn’t matter.  I know that there are people that don’t believe in global warming…. I have my own questions myself.  But to think that the way things are is just fine, I can’t understand.  To think the little things I’m trying to do won’t make a difference, I won’t believe.

Sorry, but I just had a conversation (if you can call it that) with a friend that thinks I’m stupid for not wanting to use paper plates any more.  He said, “How can a little thing like that change anything?”  I was so upset that he couldn’t see the value in using and washing old plates for when we go camping or even when company comes over.  Now I admit that I hate to wash them (I use cold water for all my washing now) and it can be a pain,  and I concede that it is a job for someone to make those paper plates.  But paper plates are  a part of our wasteful, lazy, not-thinking-about-what-we-throw-away style.  According to most statistic sites that I have seen, we throw away enough paper to fuel 50 million homes for 20 years.  Who recycles those paper plates?  Most of the time we just through them in the garbage.

Really people, the little things we chose to do can make a difference!  Make a stand.  If people think you are a green freak, let them!  We can make a difference, it just takes people to see we care about how we live and things will change.  And to those people that think nothing we are doing will make a difference, I feel sorry for you (cause we save money this way).


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  1. hallelujah

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