Buy Nothing Challange

Well, today is August 1st, the day marking the beginning of the Buy Nothing Challenge.  Scott and I have both signed up for this challenge and have set our rules.

  • No buying new clothes
  • No buying new stuff (excluding food/personal care items)
  • No restaurants (gonna be the hardest for me)
  • No movie theatres (we are allowing ourselves our redbox movie rentals on weekends)
  • No gas station convienence foods (soda, chips, snacks. . . etc)
  • No big nights out in bars

Most of this will be harder for me than it will for Scott, but he will be challenged too.  We can buy groceries, personal care stuff, and I will have to buy the kiddo school supplies.  We will also be participating in the Sunday confessional at Crunchy Chicken.  We hope to save money, cut spending, and really watch where our money goes.  Wish us luck!


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