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…and now Healthy!

Posted in Cutting Out the Chemicals, Saving Dough on July 29, 2009 by scottski74

Well, my battle with cigarettes is now over and I won. It has been two weeks since I had one and I feel pretty good. I have to thank Chantax (which I will call the drug from now on) for the help, but when it comes down to it you just have to want to stop. I have tried to quit before with no success. Gum, lozenges, patches, chewing toothpicks or whatever I could get my hands on, none of that worked for me. Although, I have to admit, I’m not sure I really wanted to quit when I tried those things. Smoking was better that the replacement. But the drug really worked! After about 5 days on the drug I felt I “could” quit, but I wanted to make sure it was the right time. I smoked 6-7 cigs for 3 weeks, then the day came when I just didn’t want to have a smoke. For me it was just that easy. I have urges every now and then, but I know what I was like when I was trying to quit and I don’t want to go through that again and neither does Kate.
I know the cost has gone up and you really can’t smoke indoors anywhere, but the real reason for not smoking is the way I feel. I can taste things again. I don’t get tired walking up steps. Plus I don’t smell like an ashtray. Here’s to life w/o smoking!


Soap Nuts. . .Where have you been all my life?

Posted in Cutting Out the Chemicals, Livin' Green, Saving Dough with tags , , , , on July 9, 2009 by Kate

I am so in love with soap nuts.  Seriously.  I got several trial size bags to start me off, I was initially planning on giving them to a few friends so we could all try them together, but I liked them so much I kept them all to myself and have been using them for the last month to do my laundry with.   I love them.  I have weird allergies to things randomly and have always had to be careful with laundry detergents, lotions, make up, and so on, I never really know what something is going to effect my skin.  I previously used Tide Free, but even though it is fragrance free and dye free it is still full of chemicals.  Then I heard about soap nuts.  A completely natural, sustainable, and apparently effective detergent. . .can it be so? I was a little skeptical, but still curious enough that I purchased the sample packs.  I didn’t do any fancy liquid or powder making.  I just threw the little bag with the soap nuts in the washer with my clothes. . . and Voila! my clothes came out clean looking, feeling, and smelling.   They clean my little grub-ball child’s clothes as well, and he gets pretty grubby during the course of a day.  I haven’t had a problem, and I never pre-treat anything.  Well since I have had such good results I decided to order more.  I ended up getting a 16 oz bag from NaturOli and 3 extra bags so I can force some friends to try them.   Yesterday I made up three little “sample packs” to give to my friends as well as some directions, and am patiently waiting to hear back.  As long as you buy a large enough package of the soap nuts they are a much better deal than commercial laundry detergent, at least the Tide that I was using, of course if you buy the small packages and trial sizes, it is not so much of a great deal, but really that is common sense.  I am really trying to get friends to fall in love so we can get together and order them in bulk.  You know. . .to save more money.