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Official Update

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I just wanted to say that today Scott and I tended bar for the Flag Day Parade (busy busy day) and it was a million degrees behind the bar and we were sweaty people. My baking soda as deodorant really held out. I’m not stinky at all. . .I can’t say the same for Scott. I’m never buying a stick of deodorant again!

Also used the baking soda and vinegar method to wash my hair today and followed up with my homemade hairspray (from yesterday’s post,) I have to say that my hair looks and feels great.

The back of my head

The back of my head

Clean and Green. . .Makin’ my own product

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Ok. . . so I’ve been reading a lot about homemade cleaning and hygene products.  Today I decided I would give it a try.  The first thing I decided to day was prepare my own hairspray.  Hairspray and other styling products (salon or otherwise) are very expensive and add up.  They also build up on your hair, are generally bad for the environment, and a chuck full of nasty chemicals.  I browsed lots and lots of recipes on-line and kind of just did my own thing anyway.  This is my combination of everything I read


  • 1 navel orange
  • filtered water
  • a couple of spoon fulls of sugar (I know. . .not very exact)

First I washed the orange thoroughly, as though I was going to eat it, than I sliced it up in little chunks (rind and all).  I then placed the orange chunks into a sauce pan.  Next I poured in filtered water about 2-3 inches above the oranges (once again. . .not exact.  You recipe followers can go here for a real recipe. . .or just google homemade hairspray and have lots to choose from).  Next I turned the burner on high and brought the water with the oranges in it to a boil.  I continued letting the water boil and reduce while I watched an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” on Hulu (really this is an important part of the recipe, if you skip this who knows what you will end up with).  I let the water reduce until it was about an inch above the oranges.  At this point I pulled out the orange chunks with a slotted spoon let them cool a minute (trust me there is a better way to do this) and squeezed them into the boiling concoction, only kind of burning myself.  I then put the squeezed orange back into the boiling concoction.  I then proceeded to fold laundry while the water boiled some more.  I pulled out some of the liquid here and decided it wasn’t sticky enough, so then I added about 2 spoon fulls (I don’t know what kind of spoon full, I used a kitchen spoon) of sugar in the raw and stirred.  I continued to stir occasionally and reduced until the water was right at the top of the oranges.  At this point I poured the entire thing into a plastic colander placed in a bowl with a flour sack towel in it and strained the pulp and orange chunks out (I put the orange chunks and pulp in my “green waste bucket” to be composted).  The liquid I then poured into a plastic bottle that previously held some expensive product (I of course washed this out before I reused it) and tested a few sprays on my hair that I knew I would be washing it soon anyway).  It was waaaaaay to sticky.  So I diluted it with some water, tested it again. . .perfect.  I then refrigerated the spray bottle (it should be good for a week or so in the fridge, apparently if you add rubbing alcohol you don’t need to refrigerate.)

My next step was to shower.  Instead of chemical laden shampoo and conditioner, I decided to go a cleaner, greener, and cheaper route.  Baking soda and Vinegar.  Now, I’ve been using baking soda for about 3 years as toothpaste (sometimes I mix it in with commercial toothpaste, but not today), exfoliate, and on occasionally to get all the gunked up product out of my hair.  By this point I am totally committed to not using any chemical-y (yes, I made this word up) or commercial products.  I brushed my hair out  before I got into the shower, mainly to be able to get through my first test of homemade hairspray (before I diluted it,) it was pretty sticky before I diluted it.  I proceeded to get my hair wet, and make a paste with baking soda and water and used it as shampoo.  I used the same paste as body wash and exfoliate .  I then rinsed my hair with a mixture of about a 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and 2 cups hot shower water.

When I got out of the shower, instead of putting on commercial deoderant I used a damp wash cloth and applied plain old baking soda to my pitts. . .I have to tell you all this was about 5 hours ago and I’ve been sweating my buns off in a hooded sweatshirt the whole 5 hours.  If I was wearing regular deodorant/anti-persperant I would by now smell a little stinky mixed with whatever scent of “Degree” I am wearing.  Scott was a little weary of my comment, “Ha ha, I’m not wearing deodorant,” but now, 5 hours later. . .I think I may have a convert.   Anyway, after the baking soda and vinegar shower and homemade hairspray, my hair looked great. . .other than the fact that I need a hair cut… and Scott refuses to cut it. . .seriously come on, think of how much I could save on a haircut. . .Ok, people you need to try this and let me know. . .and  I will update, despite Scott’s skepticism.