Meet Scott

Scott . . .well I guess, Scott is just Scott. He is a business student, a part time bartender, and a full time pet-daddy (yes, I made that word up, but I really think it works) to his guinea piggy Elvi. As you can guess from the picture above, he is also an expert at doing super cool tricks on mini skateboards that belong to our friend’s four year old. No, you cannot get any cooler than Scott.

Scott has really grown into his broke lifestyle. He can make his money last in a pinch, and really prioritizes when deciding what to spend his money on. . .most of the time. His favorite things to do are spend time with Kate and her kiddo and pamper his spoiled guinea pig. He also enjoys constantly obsessing over his fantasy baseball league and talking incessantly about sports (can you tell Kate is writing this?) All in all Scott is very good at being broke and has many tricks of the trade he can teach.


4 Responses to “Meet Scott”

  1. scottski74 Says:

    By the way, I have not drivin or owned a car since 1997!! In gas, car payments, insurance, and maintainance; thats a lot of money!!

  2. Yeah yeah. . .your so green and thrifty. I myself couldn’t live without my wheels. . .However I can cut down on how often I use them.

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